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    Banking as a Service

    Build out your multi-channel, multi-currency, digital financial service product for consumers, corporates or SMEs using our API and fully-integrated digital banking, card issuing and regulated financial services solution.

    Create digital accounts with IBANs, set-up beneficiaries and process bank transfer payments over Swift and EFTS, link our next generation-card issuing and processing capabilities, digitally on-board your customers, and access detailed financial control, reconciliation and general ledger reporting.

    Rely on our regulatory licenses, principal memberships of the payment schemes, and advanced technologies to power your innovative user experiences.

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    Next Generation Card Issuing

    Connect your platform or product to Mastercard and Visa using our API driven, tokenised, card processing platform.

    Build and iterate rapidly against our gold standard APIs and control the characteristics and behaviours of the cards you create in real time.

    Advanced and dynamic controls can be simply configured and deployed in real-time or using scheduling to control every aspect of card behaviour from loading through to authorisation with ultimate flexibility to control when, where and how your cards are used.

    Benefit from features including dynamic multi-currency handling, just-in-time funding, real-time fraud and AML transaction monitoring, integrated cashback and loyalty, and automated transaction matching and exception handling.

    Integrate real-time data feeds, schedule data exports, or use our advanced web portal to access data points, KPI and BI reporting. Whatever your card issuing and processing requirements we have a solution to meet your needs – both now and as you scale.

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    Payment Acceptance for Digital Businesses

    Integrate your digital commerce platforms and streamline payment acceptance for cards and alternative payments methods using our advance technology solutions.

    Our simple, secure and flexible API enables you to seamlessly embed payments across multiple channels, processors and networks via a single integration.

    Our hosted checkout pages, ready-built integrations for widely-used e-commerce platforms, and feature-rich link to pay functions enable you to get up and running collecting funds from your customers effortlessly in record time.

    Automated payment retries across multiple networks to improve acceptance rates, and our inline fraud monitoring tools step in to identify suspicious transactions and protect you from chargeback risk.

    All of this, coupled with real-time access to dashboards, reports and data feeds, means that you can concentrate on building your business while we take care of your payments.

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    Simple, secure and flexible APIs

    Our flexible and secure API makes light work of integrating your product or platform with our core systems, payment networks, and banking frameworks.

    Explore simple to understand concepts that enable you to create accounts, create cards, process transfer beneficiaries and transfer payments all with the benefits of automation, real-time and scheduled actions, and immediate call back services.

    Create and embed innovative financial services products and deliver outstanding customer experiences – our API places the power at your fingertips.

  • Multi-currency digital accounts and IBANs image

    Multi-currency digital accounts and IBANs

    Creating and deploying a multi-currency digital banking solution has never been more simple.

    Use our flexible architecture and configurable account relationships to create the perfect product architecture for your use case – whether that be a simple single currency e-wallet, a fully dynamic multi-currency neo-banking solution, or anything in-between.

    Create IBANs directly from account numbers and use our well structured beneficiary and bank transfer API to take the pain out of designing intuitive and friendly digital banking user experiences.

    Our digital account, beneficiary and transfer services enable you to design, deploy and benefit from multi-currency digital financial services at record pace.

  • End-to-end digital on-boarding image

    End-to-end digital on-boarding

    Maintaining compliance and knowing your customers, partners, suppliers, merchants and other stakeholders is critical to any business activity.

    As a licensed and regulated entity we have developed a digital ID verification solution that meets the stringent requirements of financial services regulators and other government authorities.

    Integrate your on-boarding and customer application flows with our compliance API end points to seamlessly pass data and images through our validation engine. We will validate using multiple techniques including image verification, liveness checks, ID document validation, sanctions, PEP and adverse media checks.

    Get your results via call back services or use our feature-rich compliance portal to see exactly how our services validated and risk scored your customer data on a case-by-case basis.

  • AML, Fraud and Transactional Compliance image

    AML, Fraud and Transactional Compliance

    Our proprietary dynamic transaction monitoring solution enables a broad variety of controls to be configured and monitored across all areas of transactional compliance from source of funds through to settlement.

    In addition to applying value, volume and velocity limits by program, product or at an individual card-level; the platform enables controls to be added in real-time or using scheduling over advanced acceptance parameters including currency, country, date, time, transaction type, validation method, merchant category and individual merchant IDs.

    Dynamic actions are linked to each control which trigger automated steps to respond in real time. Actions can set to decline transactions, create notifications to relevant operational resources or customers, or to flag transactions for examination as potential STRs.

    Control events and potential STRs are available for review within filterable reports and workflow tools in our compliance portal, which also enables full customer transactional histories to be accessed and investigated for a 360 view of activities and potentially compromising sequences of events.

    Whether you are a regulated financial services institution, a FinTech or a program manager looking to reduce risk and improve AML and fraud controls our compliance solutions have your back.

  • Financial Control & Reconciliation image

    Financial Control & Reconciliation

    Streamline general ledger posting and reconciliation of customer money and settlement activity using our proprietary suite of financial control and reconciliation tools.

    Accurately track inbound funding, payment transactions and outbound settlements on an account by account basis to improve your reconciliation and audit capabilities over client money.

    Automate processing of transaction records and payment scheme clearing files to recreate, match and reconcile with payment scheme net settlement values.

    Validate payment scheme invoices by reconciling detailed billing event codes against summary charges presented in clearing files to optimise payment scheme operating costs and identify billing errors.

    Create dynamic general ledger postings from transaction records to identify revenues from fees, FX, interchange and other sources, and costs from scheme fees and other direct charges to drive KPI and BI reporting.

    Deploying our Financial Control and Reconciliation solution will provide enhanced business insights, increase efficiency and reduce the operating costs of your programs.


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